२०७८ साल वैशाख ८ गते बुधबार

तपाईँ सुन्दै हुनुहुन्छः

Parliamentary Hearing Committee endorses Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya’s name as Chief Election Commissioner

रेडियो नेपाल २०७६ वैशाख ४ गते २०:०९

Kathmandu, April 17: Parliamentary Hearing Committee has unanimously endorsed Denish Kumar Thapaliya to be appointed as the Chief Election Commissioner.

At the hearing in the committee today, he presented the five-year strategic plan and measures to bolster election commission making it strong, impartial, and independent.

He also promised to put the by-election in priority to fulfil the vacant posts at various levels. Likewise, he said he will forward an action plan to ensure voting rights of Nepalese living in foreign countries.


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८ घन्टा अगाडि रेडियो नेपाल

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८ घन्टा अगाडि रेडियो नेपाल

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१० घन्टा अगाडि रेडियो नेपाल

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१० घन्टा अगाडि रेडियो नेपाल

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१३ घन्टा अगाडि रेडियो नेपाल