२०७८ साल जेठ ३ गते सोमबार

तपाईँ सुन्दै हुनुहुन्छः

144,000 workers join social security scheme

रेडियो नेपाल २०७६ माघ २६ गते ९:४१

The number of workers joining the contribution-based social security scheme has crossed 144,000. As of Friday, a total of 144,144 workers joined the scheme, according to the Social Security Fund.

Likewise, the number of employers joining the scheme has reached 12,135. The highest number of recruits is in Bagmati State. A total of 104,712 workers have joined the government-led initiative. Likewise, those joining the scheme in State 1 are 21,321, 8,853 in State 2, 5,223 in Gandaki state, 3,400 in State 5, 446 in Sudur Paschim state and 169 workers in Karnali state.

Bagmati state also has the highest number of employers i.e. 8,111 joining the scheme. Likewise, 1,860 employers in state 1, 870 in state 5, 556 in Gandaki, 482 in state 2, 130 in Sudur Paschim and 121 in Karnali state have joined it.

As of Friday, a total of 582.268 million rupees has been deposited in the fund under the contribution-based social security scheme. Six dependent families of workers have already started enjoying financial support from the scheme.

The number of employers and workers joining however is negligible so far. According to economic census 2075, there are a total of 922,445 employers where 3.4 million workers are employed.


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